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The Heroes of Hurricane Harvey

On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey was the first major hurricane (classified as Category 3 or stronger) to hit the United States since Hurricane Wilma in 2005.  Harvey made landfall as a category 4 hurricane in Rockport, Texas with winds of 130 MPH.  My Aunt Sam lives in this wonderful small town on the Gulf Coast.  While her house has suffered damage, thankfully she is safe. Harvey, much like life itself, was erratic in its development and it’s path remains unclear.  At first the storm was not well-defined and there was a chance it would not become a Tropical Storm.  Once the eye formation started, it quickly grew in size and strength.  Much like our words and actions, the impact of the storm extends far beyond the area where it makes landfall.  The slow speed and size of the outer bands of this storm will cause life-threatening, catastrophic flash floods and tornadoes in many Texas counties for several days. This morning KTRK reported that an estimated 370 billion gallons of rain fell here in Harris County…