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It’s time that I put ‘me’ and ‘enjoy the journey’ higher on my to do list.  My guess is that this is true for many of you!  Do you feel guilty when you want time for yourself?  Do you feel like you will never get through your to do list?  When is the last time you – Relaxed? Took a nap? Called an old friend? Let the chores go undone and just had fun with family and friends? Smelled the Roses?  This blog was inspired by the song “My List” performed by Toby Keith, lyrics are in italics.

“It is time that I make time for that.”  I am a type A, get ‘er done personality.  My son teases me that I make lists to make lists.  I am one of the most productive, efficient and organized people I know.  I love to volunteer and willingly do things for others.  I am a ‘give it my all or nothing’ kind of person.  For most of my adult life,  I have gone through the hurried motions in life’s journey as if it were a race. Looking back, I wish I would have allowed myself to simply enjoy the journey more often.

I need to make it a priority for the things that make me happy such as building relationships,  travel, photography, and to check things off my bucket list.   I will still do more in a day than most.  The difference is now I want to embrace and enjoy this journey with the same importance.  Life is short, let’s make the best of it while we can.

Last Saturday, I had a first date for lunch and a trip to the zoo.  It was great!  I got to know him better, took photos, and enjoyed God’s creations. We loved the different colors, smells, build, and behaviors of the animals.  He held an umbrella over my head so that my camera and I would stay dry.  I am glad I didn’t have a plan or a list, I simply allowed myself to enjoy this journey.

“Look up a long-lost friend of mine.”  With very little effort, old friends become current friends again.  It is time well spent.

I am still a list person and always will be.  I found a great free app called Wunderlist. You can set up as many lists as you want, all of the data is in one place.  I have lists for groceries, home projects, work, weekend chores, blog topic ideas and a bucket list.  I just added a new one – My Journey list.

“Just start livin’, that is the next thing on my list.”   What should be on your list that isn’t?  What is on your list that should be removed or can wait?  Do you allow yourself to simply enjoy this wonderful journey called life?  How?

…… And life goes on.

Courtesy: “My List” was written by Tim James and Rand Bishop, Performed by Toby Keith.


  1. Kerri | 6th Mar 17

    Right on the money! Let’s see some photos from the zoo.

  2. Kirenza | 7th Mar 17

    Helping out my neighbor Kathy more often is on my list. She brought over some puppies she was fostering a few days ago, and we started talking. She shared some very difficult situations she’d been through in the past half-year, including her best friend passing away. I felt bad that I didn’t know she was going through a rough time. Going forward, I am going to set aside at least 20 minutes a day (more if I can). I got some artist paper that I’m going to put up on the walls for her kids to draw on, for starters. I wouldn’t mind her kids coming over and banging on my old out-of-tune piano; it’d be a novelty for them and a nice little break for her. Other things as I think of them. Any suggestions on how to help a neighbor who needs help but doesn’t really know how to ask?

    • Shelly | 7th Mar 17

      Great idea, I am sure she will appreciate the help! Many of us, including me, have needed help but were afraid to ask. All it takes is this one gesture to create a relationship and the rest will naturally fall into place. Blessings to you and your neighbor Kathy. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Kirenza | 19th Mar 17

    Well, that didn’t turn out how I thought it would. I was at Kathy’s, taking out her garbage (she says she has a bad back), and heard my name. The kitchen window by the trash cans was open; she was talking to someone. I heard, “Yeah, I got the neighbor gal helping me out…” and then some very unnecessary and derogatory comments about my weight, my haircut, and my single status (she joked about me probably being gay or bi). Once I got back inside, it was all “Oh, you’re such a help, oh, this is such a blessing,” but apparently she just thinks I’m a gullible Goody Two-Shoes. Such a disappointment. I am sure there are other people who I can help, without all the nasty behind-my-back comments.

    Why do people think that if you’re trying to be helpful, you must be some kind of naive sucker?

    Her loss.

    • Shelly | 19th Mar 17

      I am sorry things turned out this way. You are correct “her loss”. Kudos for trying to help. Yes, there are many people you will benefit from your generous heart. Continued blessings, Shelly

  4. Me'Shell | 13th Apr 17

    Haven’t seen a new blog entry for a while. Hope everything is going well! Been back to helping my neighbor… she’s under a lot of stress, she was raised to speak of people a certain way, and I just decided not to worry about whether anyone thought I was being gullible.” I *like* helping, dang it. 🙂 I know I sound naive, but I think when she was talking bad about me, it was more like she was trying to prove to her friends that she wasn’t a sucker, was “wise” enough to see through my “goody two shoes” act, etc. I don’t think she was actually being malicious, even though the things she said were very improper and hurtful.

    Her kids enjoy the time at my place, I liked helping take care for her old dog when it was needed daily meds and ear tube draining, and I’m looking forward taking the two oldest kids to a local event for Easter. As a single mom, she seems under a lot of pressure to go it alone and do everything herself all the time. She’ll come round once she realizes there’s no one-upmanship or game-playing here… just people trying to help people. I’m sure of it.

    It’s not that I’m a doormat, as some people would like to portray. You just get to a point where your own hurt feelings aren’t that interesting to think about, you know what I mean? I think you probably do… you seem wise. Happy Easter, Shelly.

    • Shelly | 14th Apr 17

      It is very challenging to be a single Mother. I am sure that she and her family are grateful for your help. It seems as if you enjoy it too. I am glad this worked out well for all of you. Enjoy the journey. Happy Easter.

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