cropped-cropped-Shelly-Summer-2016-e1475463116775.jpgHere are some facts about me:

Name:  Shelly.  Age: 54.  Left-handed.  Taurus.

Raised in Dallas and Houston, Texas.   Also lived in Los Angeles, California and Denver, Colorado.

Career: Sports Television programming and production. Executive for small business. Owner consulting company.  Author.  Blogger.  Photographer.

Education: MBA from University of Colorado.  Student NY Institute of Photography.

Hobbies:  Huge sports fan, bowling, photography, volunteering, mentoring, gambling, movies, reading, cooking, gardening, dancing, live music, comedy, mentoring, writing this blog.

Favorite Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys, Houston Astros.  Favorite Foods: Mexican, Italian, Steak, Seafood.  Favorite Music:  Country, Motown, 70’s, 80’s, Current Hits, Christian.  Childhood Crush: Donny Osmond.  Favorite Movies: Most Sports Movies, Brubaker, The Green Mile, Pretty Woman.

Bucket list: visit every Major League Baseball park, visit lighthouses, visit every state in USA, visit every Presidential Library, visit every Hall of Fame Museum, do something remarkable.

How I want to be remembered: loving family member, a good friend, strong, compassionate, passionate, giving, genuine, dedicated, enthusiastic, mentor.  Someone who selflessly gave to others her time, skills, and love.   Motto:  Whatever blows my way, I will be strong. I may bend but I will not break. Reality: That works most of the time but some days I just have to fake it until I make it!   Favorite saying:  Yesterday has passed.  Today is a gift.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Live your life today, don’t wait for tomorrow, it may never come.

Johnathan, Meghan and Shelly
Son Johnathan, Granddaughter Meghan and Shelly