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The Pain of a Layoff

Being laid-off is like having food poisoning, you only really know how it feels when it happens to you! It doesn’t matter if you were personally singled out in a restructure (aka a polite word for we don’t want you any more) or part of a larger workforce reduction – it hurts!  It is personal. A few months ago, I threw out this topic idea on LinkedIn and was surprised at the number of responses I received.  Here are the most common phrases used during my interviews with other victims: traumatic, complete surprise, devastated, blind-sided, disrespected, betrayed, and life-changing. Regardless of their loyalty to their boss or the company, seniority, ethics, character and work history – it happened and it hurt. The most important factor in how a person felt about the decision maker and the company itself was in how the message was delivered and how the exit process played out.  Delivering the message with humanity softened the blow.  Treating people, the person being laid-off and their co-workers, with respect…